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OpenComps' Tech team is hiring a Full-stack Developer (FSD) and an all-around STAR!

The FSD is a brand-new position for OpenComps. All tech development so far has been done by OpenComps' founder. Joining our small team as a dedicated tech developer will give you a chance to have a significant and impactful work on the growth of OpenComps and give you an opportunity to leave your mark on every current and future OpenComps' product.

About the Job

At most companies, product/tech development is split into many different roles: UX, UI, front-end development, and so on. At OpenComps, it’s all one role. We believe the best products come from someone who can see it all through, from ideas to visuals to the finished product.

That means our new FSD has to be a generalist — server-side coder, front-end UX expert, database guru, SQL efficiency geek.

OpenComps is currently a web-only tool. While you will continue to bring enhancements to our web experience, the main initial objective will be to develop the company's mobile presence - iOS app first, followed by an Android sibling. You will continue to work on the core OpenComps product but will also get involved in new product ideas and projects.

As a manager of one, you’ll drive shaped projects, big and small, over six-week cycles. You’ll set direction, take ownership, make calls, and see things through without a lot of oversight. You’ll be able to communicate clearly with your colleagues and work as a team.

You will have to have sufficient skills or willing to expand your skills in:
- iOS/Swift app development - we need to build OC's first mobile app! (native app)
- Android/Java app development - to follow our iOS app. (native app)
- PHP 7 - OC's "majestic monolith" web-app is built with PHP 7.
- SQL/MariaDB - skillful SQL that leads to optimized queries delivering fast results!
- Bootstrap - our front-end/UI style library.
- JQuery/JavaScript - used for front-end user interactivity.
- General tech skills with variety of technologies, plug-ins, extensions that help us deliver a better product and user experience, such as Stripe API, TypeAhead.js, FPDF, JavaScript charts, etc.
- Desire to continuously learn and implement new tech.

Along will being a master tech developer, you must have great visual taste and sensibilities. You love to write, too. The words matter as much as the pixels or programming languages.

Fluency in English is a must - to discuss, present, defend your ideas both verbally and through (email) writing.

Above everything, you must have a passion to be part of OpenComps' team and its mission; and passion to be a tech developer, always looking to learn new things, programming languages, technologies. We are not as concerned about your current mastery of any of the above technologies but are looking for a passionate person that wants to be part of a small team and who wants to grow in skills over time.

About Us

Launched in 2012, OpenComps is a small company focused on building software to enable transparency in the real estate investment marketplace, particularly in the hospitality space. As an intentionally small, privately-held company, we don’t answer to anyone but ourselves and our customers. No VCs, no taking over the world. We design our products to solve real-life problems, and we strongly defend our customers’ attention and privacy along the way.

We admire the original remote-focused company Basecamp and we look to use the concepts they defined in Getting Real and Shape Up to stay focused, keep projects on track, and ship good work on time.

Benefits & Compensation

The position will be on a contractor basis, regardless if you are U.S. based or outside of U.S. Compensation is set at $3,000 a month. You will have to reconcile any tax obligations and health insurance requirements/needs on your own.

Position is remote. OpenComps doesn't have an office. We are happy to discuss subsidies to help you establish your home office, pursue wellness or fitness interest, and continuing education. The big benefit of working remote and on your own schedule is your ability to focus on quality time - quality time to think, exercise, prepare a meal, be with family & friends, and, of course, time to yourself.

We consider this a full-time position, in that your focus and time commitment will be on OpenComps' projects. We are not focused on hours work, but on contributions made to the team and our product. 

We want you to use your work opportunity at OpenComps to lead a healthy and balanced life. 

How to Apply

Please submit an application that speaks directly to this position. Tell us about yourself, about what you can bring to OpenComps, and about OpenComps' role in your future. Tell us about what you’ve done and what excites you. You might be inclined to create something especially for us—that’s fine. Just make sure the content of your application is as impressive as its presentation. We’ll also happily accept a traditional, well-constructed cover letter full of personal touches and that shows us how much you want this job.

We strongly encourage candidates of all different backgrounds and identities to apply. We believe that our work is stronger with a variety of perspectives, and we’re eager to further diversify our company. If you have a background that you feel would make an impact on OpenComps, please consider applying. We’re committed to building an inclusive, supportive place for you to do the best work of your career.

What happens next?

We may take a few weeks to review your application. If it impresses us, you’ll hear from us about advancement to the interview stage. Expect 1-2 interviews, all one hour, all remote, with your future colleagues, on your schedule. We’ll talk through your background, your approach to programming, and dive into your professional knowledge. No gotchas or surprises.

We appreciate you giving us your consideration and effort to present yourself, and we promise to give you our full attention in return. We look forward to hearing from you!

Job posted 2021-03-20