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Remote Machine Learning Lead Engineer job at Trice Imaging, Inc.

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Trice Imaging is looking for a talented Data Scientist / Machine Learning Lead Engineer to lead the company's machine learning efforts.

You will join a small development team building a medical image management and communication system that runs in the cloud (AWS). This role will be instrumental in bringing our service into the next phase of online image management. 

Trice has one of the world’s largest data sets of medical images, academic research partnerships and dedicated funding for ML features. It’s kind of like, A Big Deal. This role will grow quickly to leading a team of engineers working on machine learning projects. The development team is completely remote. If you are the right person, your home address is not a problem.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Design, implement, and analyze techniques in computer vision, anomaly detection, early warning detection, human behavior prediction, and deep learning.
  • Data collection, preprocessing, and feature extraction.
  • Lead clinical domain experts doing data annotation for model training.
  • Implement new Machine Learning models to support business and RnD goals.
  • Work with real-world human data to support development of features in clinical guidance and productivity enhancement.
  • Study and design the pipeline for the image recognition, features extraction, machine learning / deep learning pipeline, integrate the solution into application, and finally support production ML workflows.
  • Document methods, procedures, and results.
  • Collaborate with others in a dynamic and lean multidisciplinary team environment.
  • Contribute to patent strategy of the company, identifying patentable ideas and supporting the patent process.
  • Collaborate with clinical domain experts to develop research plans, design feasibility studies and outline research procedures to be followed.
  • Participate in hiring.
  • Project lead for all things “AI”

  • Master’s or greater in Computer Science, Applied math, Artificial Intelligence, or related field.
  • Solid Foundation in basic image processing techniques: enhancement, feature recognition and segmentation
  • Strong analytical and mathematical skills
  • Experience using contemporary software tools for algorithm and/or system development for image analysis, and/or machine learning.
  • Experience with cloud computing resources and distributed data analysis techniques.
  • Advanced understanding of deep learning with applications in image processing, with a track record of significant product contributions in these areas
  • Strong programming skills and ability to deliver ML workflows
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required along with the ability to work in a dynamic, clinically-focused, distributed team. Your history of mentoring other engineers and interns is a great bonus

  • Medical and clinical background
  • Experience translating research to commercial product and clinical utility
  • Experience developing data mining applications
  • Systems software engineering knowledge and expertise in optimizing software for computational performance.
  • Relevant AWS experience

About Trice Imaging

Trice Imaging is a fast-growing global software company with a cloud-based platform that is changing the way medical data is stored and shared with patients and medical professionals. Our innovative solutions facilitate our mission – to provide quality of care for people regardless of who and where they are.  Our service is available in 42 countries and we are rapidly expanding into new markets, segments, and partnerships with industry leading power brands. Working at Trice, you will contribute to real, mind-blowing innovation and be part of a team of inspiring, high-energy and outstanding colleagues distributed all across the US, Europe and Asia.

Trice Imaging is headquartered in San Diego, California and has offices in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, visit us at


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Job posted 2021-03-27