Remote Cloud Engineers and Architects for Google Cloud Platform job at Revolgy

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Full-time · 100% remote · EU citizens · Europe (pref. max +/- 3 hours difference to CET)

...a bunch of cloud-native enthusiasts. Currently, there are about 60 of us. Leading Czech cloud-services company, on the market since 1996. Certified and trusted partner of Google and AWS, providing digital transformation services through cloud infrastructure and online collaboration tools. Helping our 2000+ B2B (Baltics 2 Balkan) clients grow their business in the cloud. 

Our team of super ambitious folks with strong collaboration and communication skills needs new colleagues. Our Technical production team is growing and we are looking for suitable candidates to help us deliver projects leveraging cloud-native services to our clients. Our mission is to empower our clients with the best possible cloud architecture solution and deliver cloud professional services.

How do we do that
The client writes the source code of his application. And then our job begins. We build a CI/CD pipeline (Gitlab-CI, Circle CI), deploy it on the GCP infrastructure, which we define in Terraform (Infrastructure as Code principle). The GCP resources stack is different for every customer. Some customers prefer containers (ECS, EKS), some VMs (EC2) or even serverless (Lambda). Managed services are on the rise, but we do not hesitate to get our hands dirty with deployed Prometheus. It is all paired with a bit of security such as fine-grained IAM, security groups and CloudTrail.

Cloud Architects and Cloud Engineers deliver infrastructure analysis, billing optimizations, Proof of Concepts, Lift&Shift migrations and true DevOps partnerships with the client. We formulate our own development guidelines, which allows us to build a strong technical culture. Everyone has his/her own voice that is heard.
The rule we follow is that 1 person works on a maximum of 2 projects, and our projects usually take from 2 up to 20 man-days. At the beginning of each project, there is a strong part of project planning led by the project manager. Every team member has full trust and we embrace self-managed work ethic. 
We emphasize personal development and offer fully-funded learning time for certifications and/or specializations. Every certification is appreciated with a little gift at minimum. 
We will happily allocate time for writing blog posts or discovering a new technology that can push us forward. 


As a Cloud Engineer OR Cloud Architect you'll be in charge of designing and building modern, resilient, cloud-native distributed systems using application containers and hosted services. Starting from scratch or migrating from an existing system to the public cloud. Provisioning, services configuration and communication with the client will become your daily routine and you’ll gain confidence in these skills soon. Key responsibilities are:
  • Continue on improvement of our GCP templates Terraform stack including CI/CD pipelines
  • Analyze the current technical state of our customer systems and think of possible improvements
  • Lower customer infrastructure bill by optimizing used resources 
  • Plan transitions of customer architectures to the cloud and revise already migrated systems
  • Professionally mentor Cloud Engineers and help them deliver high-quality results
  • Be responsible for client’s architecture and all decisions made on it
  • Containerize applications and evangelize Kubernetes as the orchestration platform
  • Follow Everything as a Code principle (i.e. Terraform, but not only)
  • Actively communicate with customers
  • Create documentation
  • Bring new technology and improvements ideas, ,test them, and spread newly gained knowledge
  • Educate yourself during fully-funded learning time and get certified
  • Background in computer systems and networks and/or operations and understanding of best practices and patterns in software development
  • Strong knowledge of GCP stack (Solutions Architect/Professional level for a senior role, Cloud Engineer/Associate level for a medior role) - networking, IAM, databases, VMs, serverless
  • Experience with containerisation and containers orchestration
  • Terraform proficiency
  • Operating Kubernetes
  • Experience with CI/CD (knowledge of the principles and ability to set up a pipeline from scratch)
  • Excellent ability to communicate technical information, especially to the decision makers and customers
  • High accountability and the ability to work independently, team spirit, great analytical skills
  • Fluent and confident communication skills in English (B2/C1)
You can design the architecture, advise our cloud engineers, and can train a client. You can introduce new services, make webinars on working with new technology, and improve our development processes.
  • Knowledge of the multi-layered architecture and Service Oriented Architecture
  • A broad overview of ICT, especially cloud and data centre areas
  • Experience with SQL databases administration (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Advanced (admin-level) knowledge of Kubernetes in production
  • Knowledge of Ansible, CloudFormation, Google Deployment Manager
  • Experience with Linux system administration
  • Experience with migrating data centres and applications to other locations / cloud
  • Technical certification in any on-prem/cloud infrastructure topic

Remote-first culture: Work wherever you are most productive - at home, while travelling or in our office in Prague. Benefit from processes and mindsets which are 100% oriented towards working flexible hours, as long as you can attend scheduled meetings.
Fully-funded learning time: Knowledge is our biggest advantage and we need to be ahead. Learning time for your certifications will be fully-funded. 
Strong development culture: We have our own Terraform guidelines,  Git standards and more. Our ambitious goal is to make understanding your colleague’s project as fast as understanding your own. 
And more: 5 weeks of paid vacation · 3 sick days · Budget for your work equipment and energy costs · Multisport card or FlexiPass · Company sim card with unlimited data and mobile phone contribution for employees · Company notebook · Uber & Liftago for business purposes · GallupStrengths talent DNA analysis · Paid training and certifications · Attending conferences and having the option to present · Knowledge sharing & educational programs provided by Google, AWS, and other technology partners · Company events & meetups
👨‍👩‍👧‍👧  Teamwork - We believe this value is one of the most important things not only in Revolgy, but also in our everyday life. Working with other people gives us the ability to unlock our mind's hidden potentials as we receive stimulus and information that we might not notice instantly, but it can subconsciously improve us. We are not afraid to take responsibility, not afraid to make important decisions. We are curious, confident, and willing to learn and improve. 
🤗  Flexibility - Revolgians always know and/or believe that the result of their work has an impact in the technological humanity. We are this kind of people who know exactly where we aim, we never leave something to luck. 
💡 Innovation - This is what has brought us to the life we live today. We take it as our mission for the technological humanity to innovate in the field of IT and especially in Cloud.
🎖 Service that exceeds expectation - This value is like a multifactor authentication system as it requires multiple steps to be unlocked. We work effectively and quickly, have a futuristic mindset to leave space for growth considering always the maximization of the performance. 

All the values above, together, bring the result we all want. Happy Customers with smiley faces!
Please complete the application form and we'll be in touch. Our application process usually has 5 steps. It  includes an initial chat with HR and hiring manager, one technical task, Gallup CliftonStrengths online analysis to discover your unique talent DNA, then a chat with your future team, and a final chat with Mirek, our CEO. The whole process usually takes 3-4 weeks.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you 🙏
Tereza, Michal, David, Roman, Honza, Marko, Ruda, Martin and other Revolgians

Diversity and equal opportunity are important to us. We are happy about the interest of all candidates and strive to provide feedback as quickly as possible.

Job posted 2021-03-12