Remote Customer Success Specialist - Contractor job at LeadDyno

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Job Description

The Customer Success Specialist role at LeadDyno includes a broad range of tasks such as maintaining ongoing customer satisfaction, providing technical support, implementing customer success programs, indirectly contributing to sales, onboarding and training clients, and minimizing churn. The representative demonstrates the ability to multitask and follow through. Must effectively communicate with our customers and to management to encourage proper problem solving while identifying service problems and trends. Contractor must enjoy working with people, showing empathy, building relationships and maintaining those relationships. Contributes to team goals in achieving organizational objectives. Is accountable to the customer and to the team, displays humility when mistakes are made. 

  • Understand the functionally, documentation and use of the LeadDyno software application.
  • Actively listen to customers,  investigate and resolve inquiries through correspondence and research.
  • Apply a sincere, empathetic approach when communicating with customers.
  • Be the trusted advocate for the customer on use-case and product functionality.
  • Exercise independent thinking in meeting customer expectations.
  • Combines knowledge of product, good work ethic, effective time management skills, and human relations skills to meet performance standards and positively influence the customer’s image.
  • Assist with documentation, writing to improve existing documentation, as well as authoring new documentation to improve the usability and understanding of the product.
  • Engage with customers through email, live chat, and video conferencing applications.
  • Escalate requests when necessary, continuing to follow up with the customer as needed until the issue is resolved and the customer is satisfied.

  • 3 years of customer service/success related experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Intuitive, empathetic, outgoing personality
  • Passion for technology and for being part of a fast-growing SaaS company
  • Willingness to work Saturday or Sunday
  • Knowledge of and experience with a moderately complex web based Internet application is a plus
  • Familiarity with javascript and chrome console usage is a plus

Working Conditions

This position is 100% remote. We work with a high degree of trust, everyone at LeadDyno is responsible for being available and accountable to our customers and the team during work hours. 

  • $4k - $6k/month, contractor status