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Gravity Wiz is hiring a developer to squash bugs and implement new features for our suite of Gravity Forms add-ons.

We have an expansive selection of add-ons, snippets, and tutorials that enable our customers to do some legitimately magical things with Gravity Forms. 

Your job will be to keep the magic alive by making bugs just *poof* disappear. Be prepared to cast powerful bug-squashing spells and write potent unit and acceptance tests to make sure your spells stick. You will also help implement new features that delight our customers and bring prosperity to their towns and villages.

We are serious about our products. Sorcerously serious. This is a full-time position preceded by a two (2) month probationary period. We're offering a competitive salary, 21 days of paid time off, and an objective-based raise system. Schedules aren't rigid but our general hours are between 10am and 6pm EDT.

Our ideal wizard (candidate?) is an efficient, detail-oriented troubleshooter. If you're also a dependable, friendly communicator who writes English masterfully, muy bueno! You will need to be a true PHP/JS wizard with strong HTML and CSS skills and a wealth of experience with WordPress plugin development. Don’t let that experience stagnate. Be a curious self-starter, hungry to delve into the library, pouring over the latest scrolls, discovering modern and more powerful spells.

Don’t be fooled by our playful demeanor. Your journey with us will be challenging and ‘tis not a quest for the faint of heart. Are you prepared to learn beyond all mortal comprehension (seriously, there is a lot to learn)? Are you ready to master our products, to wield well-written, well-documented code as both weapon and shield?

Ok, cool. Let’s chat, you nerd. 😄🤩

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