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Remote Go Developer, blockchain, decentralised finance (still open as of Sept 21st) job at Delphi Digital

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We are working with one of our portfolio projects - a fully decentralised, open source, blockchain based service operating in the decentralised finance space - to build a key element of their stack with a view to spinning out a team who can take this forwards.

About the role:

You will be responsible for building and maintaining one of the key pieces of infrastructure, which takes data from the blockchain, stores in a timeseries database and exposes a JSON API and GraphQL view onto this data for internal tools and 3rd party developers to consume.

We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced Go developer - ideally having used some technologies such as Timescale, GraphQL, APIs, blockchain (Tendermint) and/or dev ops tech such as Docker.

The position requires strong technical expertise, enthusiasm and a desire not only to write good code, but also deliver value to us and our clients. The position is open to full-time remote developers.

Technical environment:

We iterate fast, releasing early and often but believe in modular, maintainable, reusable code. In order to stay agile, testing is something we apply lightly to projects in the early stages and more heavily once a project is stable.

Tools used: Go, Timescale, Postgres, Docker, GraphQL.


For those with an interest in the digital asset space you will have a front row seat to the emergence of decentralised finance - working alongside the best minds in the space and with the most exciting projects.


Perfect command of English (written and spoken)
At this time per-project contract engagements are preferred but this could change over time. Full-time preferred, but part-time possible unless you already have a full-time job (no evenings and weekends workers).

To apply:

Please email with a brief intro and a link to your profile or something you've built.