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We are looking to add a motivated, full-time (30-40 hours) OR part-time (20 to 29 hours a week) outreach marketing member to our growing team. You will be working on the marketing team to help promote our two websites that help Americans find the best internet connection for their home when they have just moved to a new house. If you’re looking to learn about marketing, we will teach you or if you have experience, we will help you learn our process. We welcome all applications. 
The position involves working through various digital outreach campaigns. This is what a typical day will look like: Responses come in via email to a number of inboxes. You will need to manage a number of inboxes ensuring that all messages are dealt with in a timely, professional manner. You will log in to your assigned email inboxes and manage the responses to them.  Responses will range from a simple yes or no to specific requests for content to be written and submitted to a website.  You will also coordinate with our content team to produce requested content/articles that talk about and promote our business and manage the process of getting these successfully published. 
This is a long-term, work-from-home opportunity the hours for this position are flexible and you will be able to set your own schedule (depending on how many hours you want to work - you will have to commit however to a set amount per week when you start). 
Desired Skills & Qualifications:
As long as you are ready to learn, have good time management skills, an ability to work within a proven process, are organized, motivated and committed then those are all the skills or qualifications we need. 
The successful candidate will be:
  -Resilient nature and an ability to multitask.
  -Excellent time management skills due to the work-from-home nature.
  -Excellent in their organization skills.
  -Detail-oriented due to the nature of our reporting structures.
  -Motivated and driven by achieving personal and professional goals.
  -Ability to adapt to and work within proven processes and systems. 
  -Ability to make decisions quickly
  -Ability to adapt your communication style.
  -Ability to communicate instructions and guidelines clearly and concisely.
  -Comfortable with basic negotiation.
  -Comfortable working with new software and a willingness to learn. 
  • Salary and Benefits
    Starting salary is $15 an hour. At 3 months we will discuss promotion to next tier. You can select part time or full time. For part-time, benefits include: Paid time off (vacation, sick, holiday), and discounted wireless service. For full-time, benefits include the above as well as subsidized medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, and a Simple IRA plan with company match up to 3%, 
 Please submit your answers in the body of an email to that addresses the following points in order:
1. Please describe your experience with email communication - sales and marketing (if no 
    experience, tell me your experience that you think is relevant - life experience or other) 
2. How many hours per week are you available for this work? 
3. Describe the last repetitive task you completed and how long you were working in that 
4. Write the word “SOAP” in the subject line of your email. 
5. What city and time zone are you in? 
6. Describe how you stay focused on the task at hand whilst being surrounded by all the distractions that come with working from home. What tools and processes do you use to help manage your time, focus, and productivity (i.e. to-do list, calendar apps, etc.)? 
7. Describe where you would normally do your remote work. Is it your living room, a separate home office, a co-working space, Starbucks, etc.? Why do you choose to work online/remotely? 
8. Give an example of a time you turned a “No” into a “Yes”. Successful negotiation is key to this role, so we want to know you have experience with this, in any area of your life. 
9. Which Job Board/Website did you see our job ad on? 
10. Any questions you have about the position? 

 Please number the sections of your application that correspond to each question.