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We're looking for a talented Senior Sales Representative to join our growing team at one of the highest rated companies out there! 

Please review the below and if you feel like you're a good fit, follow the instructions to apply!

What is AgentFire? 

Our primary product is called a 'Spark Site' - and our core value proposition is that our websites help our real estate clients to showcase what makes them special, demonstrate hyperlocal expertise, and offer loads of value to potential clients so that they can multiply the number of deals that they're closing.

Spark Sites can be upgraded in three different ways: Design, Addon Features, and 3rd Party Services, all of which represent ‘upsells’ from a sales perspective. 

Why are Spark Sites *awesome* to sell? 

Our product is extremely easy to sell given that it is legitimately the best in the industry -  we have better (and more) Facebook & Google 5-star reviews than any of our competitors... AND we offer a 10-day Free Trial (where over 50% of people who start the free trial end up entering their credit cards, and just shy of 90% convert into paying customers!). 

Who is a good fit for this position? 

Someone with excellent SALES experience (minimum 2+ years), and who has a good eye for design and technology which will help them better relate to our potential clients (minimum 1 year working for a web services or related company). 

Given that the real earning potential is in commissions - you’ll be a good fit if you THRIVE in competitive, commission-oriented environments. 

Who will have the MOST success here? 

Because the core product itself is easy to sell - what will really determine your success is how well you’re able to upsell each of the different addon services. 

  1. Spark Sites can be upgraded to include semi-custom or fully-custom designs, 
  2. Spark Sites can be expanded via addons (such as full logo design & branding packages, our AF Home Values automated home valuations addon, or our ‘Mailchimp Newsletter’ addon) or 3rd party services (such as PPC Marketing, Organic SEO, and more). 

What can you expect to earn?
In addition to a base hourly rate, you’ll be given a $50 bonus on the base sale of a Spark Site - which you should expect lots of given that you will be provided with leads that come in through our combined marketing efforts (we get lots of them!).

The real opportunity to earn big numbers is on upsells, since you’ll earn 15% commission on addons, and 7% commission on design upgrades

We also give $100-$200 bonuses for positive reviews that we receive on Facebook and Google, which as the person putting together the ‘perfect’ package for our clients, you are in a prime position to receive :) 

An average salesperson should expect to earn roughly $1200 USD/week - our highest performing salesperson earns closer to $2k / weekly

Work hours & location info

We’ll expect you to work roughly 8 hours/day, between Eastern Standard and Pacific Standard time zones (since most of our clients are in the US and Canada.) 

As for where you work, that’s entirely up to you! This is a 100% remote position and our team is located all over the world! 

How will you be interacting with prospective clients? 
You’ll be expected to reach out to leads via phone and meet in 1 on 1 demo’s. We’ll also ask you to keep tabs on our Facebook messages as well as the live chat on our mainsite. 

Who is this position NOT for? 
This position is NOT timid people who don’t thrive in competitive, commission oriented environments!! 😁


We are looking to hire ASAP! Please follow the apply link and remember to put as much effort into filling out the application as you’d like for us to put into reviewing your application!