Remote Senior Software Engineer (Frontend / Full Stack) job at Huddle

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Huddle is a radical new take on online collaboration. It shows your video as a bubble on a virtual office that you always leave in the background. You can move around like in a video game, and only hear people around you — allowing everybody in the company to be in the same space, but in different meetings.

It reproduces the feeling of being together in the same office. You can move from room to room to check in on teams, and you get the same serendipitous encounters you do in the office.

Users are raving about it. Actual quotes from them include:
  • Holy shit!!!! You guys are in the right direction like CRAZY. We’ve been waiting for this for 10 years. There’s no way back.

(I swear I did not change or make up a single character from these testimonials — I was surprised myself at how darn passionate people are about us.)

We just raised a large seed round from some of the world’s best VCs, and are now looking for a founding engineer, who could turn into a head of engineering or CTO, depending on experience and how things work between us.

Benefits include:
  • Market-rate salary
  • Very generous equity
  • Health & dental coverage
  • Fully remote — the company has no HQ, though we do prefer that team members spend most of their time somewhere in the Americas (Canada, US, LatAm) so time zones aren’t out of whack
  • Lots of fun joining a no-nonsense startup that just wants to build an amazing product and business

You should have:
  • A great work ethic
  • Solid communication skills (important when working remotely)
  • At least 3 years of experience as an engineer
  • Ideally, experience in any of: 
    • React
    • NodeJS + Express
    • Typescript
    • Game development experience would be a huge plus too, as we build using graphics libraries. E.g. OpenGL / WebGL / ThreeJS / PixiJS / Flash / Unity…

If interested, send an email with your resume or LinkedIn to