Remote Sales Executive - Healthcare job at Purple

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Overall management for the sales target for a specific region and/or set of partners. You will be responsible for driving the performance of assigned partners while maintaining a high level of direct engagement with healthcare prospects to achieve personal sales KPIs.


To build sustainable partner and customer relationships and drive consistent sales pipeline growth in order to achieve booked revenue targets focused on the Healthcare vertical market.


  1. Achieve annual recurring revenue targets
  2. Ensure our partners love working with us and are successful
  3. Work as part of a team to create shared learnings and momentum
  4. Drive First Customer Meetings to ensure that the top of the funnel is healthy
  5. Maintain a healthy pipeline with consistent coverage for future quota achievement
  6. Ensure that the Purple brand will consistently become brand of choice in the region

Role Competencies

Ability to:

  • Manage, execute and measure agreed partner plans
  • Work with partners to create a commercial focus and achieve agreed KPIs
  • Competently prepare thoroughly for an introductory sales meeting
  • Delivery challenger sales methodology with clear action
  • Navigate the sales process from end to end based on agreed KPIs
  • Negotiate deals to close through leveraging Miller Heiman methodology
  • Manage a diverse and progressive pipeline to achieve agreed quota
  • Use data (dashboards and reports) to proactively progress opportunities
  • Forecast accurately by month, including ensuring resilience in pipeline
  • Collaborate with team and across department both locally and globally
  • Provide accurate and on-time information to line manager

Cultural Fit

  • Make it happen - We own things and get them done whatever it takes.
  • Playful and positive - Life's too short to take things too seriously, we like to have fun while we're working and we love positivity - and yes the glass is half full.
  • We're in it together - We all have our day jobs to do, our KPI's to hit and projects to complete but we're always available to help for the greater good of the business.
  • No bullsh*t, no politics - Seriously! We want to enjoy coming to work and that stuff doesn't make it pleasant.
  • Know your stuff, keep learning - We value people who have the knowledge and have a thirst for it, lots of it.
  • No drama - Things don't always go right as much as we try, having a hissy fit over it won't help the situation and you won't find that here.
  • With great data, comes great responsibility - Personal data is a big thing, particularly when you are the custodian of a lot of it, we take that very seriously.

Job posted 2021-05-05