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Remote Senior Front End Developer job at Locate2u

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Locate2u is a Saas application based in Sydney, Australia, that helps delivery and service companies provide their customers an ultimate delivery experience. We currently have customers all around the world.

We are looking for a Senior Front End Developer to join our team! 

You will be adding features and fixing bugs to our customer app portal and tracking link, all written in Vue Js and using Vue Material for styling. You might also migrate some of our frontend code from Vue 2 to Vue 3 by utilizing its new composition api. You will also be responsible for maintaining our frontend tooling using vue-cli and Webpack 4, and implementing unit tests for the code you write. Lastly, you'll be looking at ways on how to improve and optimise our user's interactions with Google Maps and Open Street Maps. Our main focus is creating beautiful user interfaces and experiences, with scalable, easy-to-read and easy-to-maintain code and components, and we’re looking for someone who can do that too.

You’ll be working closely with backend developers and graphic designers to ensure all elements of web creation are consistent. We’ve also got some awesome benefits, flexible working schedules and the position is fully remote.

Front End Developer Responsibilities:

  • Able to operate autonomously with high-level direction. You should be able to conceptualise problems, ask the right questions, and implement appropriate solutions.
  • Willing to follow coding standards, design patterns, and create aesthetically pleasing, maintainable, readable code.
  • Good eye for design and detail. Ability to design awesome user experiences and aesthetically appealing web user interfaces.
  • Familiarity with writing unit tests
  • Striking a balance between functional and aesthetic design.
  • Ensuring web design is optimized for smartphones.
  • Optimizing web pages for maximum speed and scalability.
  • Maintaining brand consistency throughout the design.
  • Willingness and ability to work remotely
Minimum Qualifications

Front End Developer Requirements:

  • Minimum of 3 years working experience
  • Understanding of key design principles.
  • Proficiency in HTML, Sass/CSS, JavaScript ES6, Vue Js. Experience with Material Design is a plus.
  • Familiarity with Google Maps and Open Street Maps integration preferred
  • Familiarity with frontend module bundling tools (Webpack 4).
  • Experience with responsive and adaptive design.
  • Experience with version control systems (git).
  • Knowledge of back-end development, particularly .NET Core is a plus but not required
  • Any logistics experience or experience building map-centric applications will be highly regarded, but not essential
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • If you can provide side projects that you are working on (or have worked on), open source projects you have created or contributed to, community groups you have spoken to or run, then these will be very highly regarded.

Job posted 2021-03-22