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Remote Senior Sound Designer job at Wordwall

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We’re looking for someone with excellent sound design skills who can bring our interactive games alive with engaging and meaningful audio. You’ll have at least three years experience in a mobile gaming or AAA development environment and be able to attend to all aspects of the audio development process. The ideal candidate will have a passion for games and educational games in particular.

We are an equal opportunities employer. We support flexible working arrangements - full or part time. Real applicants only - please do not contact us if you represent an agency.

You will have:
  • enthusiasm and experience in audio development for games
  • knowledge of gameplay and platforms: you can imagine the game, have a sense of timing, understand how audio can improve gameplay and aid user understanding
  • competence in the technical aspects of sound development
  • creativity and attention to detail
  • a cross-cultural knowledge of sounds and their meanings
  • an absolute passion for education and gaming for children
  • an ability to self-organise and motivate when working remotely
Your responsibilities:
  • collect, record, edit, and create sound effects, ambient effects, and loop music for our games and interactive templates
  • be able to diagnose and troubleshoot audio problems
  • work collaboratively with the company’s developers, designers, and user support staff to effectively communicate and express artistic vision and to provide clear directions
  • integrate user feedback and analytics to make evidence-based decisions

£30-35k per year
30 days holiday per year
100% remote & flexible work

Job posted 2021-06-25