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Remote Sr. Infrastructure Engineer job at Crazy Egg

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About Us

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What We're Looking For

We don't have management overhead at Crazy Egg and as such we need independent, self-motivated, and self-disciplined senior-level team members. We are a small, fully-remote, high-functioning team.

Personal Skills/Experience

Must Have

- Desire to constantly improve themselves, their team, and the products they work on. Crazy Egg spends a lot of time experimenting with new processes, getting internal feedback, and when facing issues finding a way to not just solve the current issue but prevent or improve it in the future.
- Experience working remotely with team members in different time zones.
- Someone who can work independently (without relying too much on input from others), but knows when to stop and get help when needed.
- Ability to brainstorm multiple solutions and describe the tradeoffs of each solution.
- Excellent written communication skills.
- Desire to educate team members on infrastructure and security issues.


- Engineering experience (our stack is mostly Elixir, Node.js and Ruby).
- Experience in small teams.

Technical Skills/Experience

Must Have

- 3+ years of direct experience with monitoring and optimizing infrastructure size, utilization, performance, and costs
- Ability to troubleshoot infrastructure issues quickly and calmly while staying in close communication with engineers and customer success
- Direct experience dealing with data at scale (think billions of data points monthly, terabytes of data, etc).
- Ability to assist with configuring and maintaining CI/CD optimizations and improvements
- 3+ years professional experience with a variety of AWS services, including S3, Cloudfront, RDS, Elasticache, EC2, Lambda, DynamoDB, Kinesis.
- Kubernetes clusters administration experience.


- Experience answering Enterprise security questionnaires.
- Experience with SOC 2 Compliance.
- Data Dog experience
- Github Actions experience

Application Process

Please send your resume and your answer to the screening question below. Even if you have an outstanding resume we won’t be able to consider you without a written answer to the screening question. If we like what we see we’ll schedule you for an introductory call where you can ask more questions about Crazy Egg.

Screening Question

Describe a time where you improved your company's infrastructure. What was the problem? What were the different solutions you considered? Why did you choose the solution you went with? What were the measurable results?

Note: We don’t need an essay for this. It’s a screening question. You’ll have more time in an interview to explain details. Aim for a paragraph or two focused on the most important parts.

Job posted 2021-04-01