Remote 🕵️‍♀️ UX Designer: Intermediate - Senior job at tl;dv

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Hi! 👋

This is a short version of our job description for WWR. Please find our full job posting and company introduction on our Notion page 

In short 🎯

Three facts about tl;dv:
  • We aim to end meeting fatigue - people spend too much time in virtual chats nowadays!
  • We're embedding live meetings in the async stack
  • We offer stock options for every new member joining our rocket ship - all of us are entrepreneurs at heart!

Next to equity (0.1 - 1.0%), we offer and industry-standard, location-based compensation for all open roles. We believe in paying you fairly. This is why your compensation will be based on the average salary of your residency's capital. If you want to read more about this approach, have a look at this article by our friends at Slite

Further, the rates are depending on the level of experience, but also the added value brought into the team! We like to focus on your trajectory, not your state. We believe that anyone with the right mindset and motivation can win against Goliath. As a consequence, were looking to promote from within.

For your role:

User experience - and particularly usability - is key! For us, building great products begins with deep empathy and the understanding of our user's needs, struggles, and motivations. You're the kind of person who thrives in using such insights to analyze and improve usability in all product areas? Then you're the right fit for this position! Your work will directly impact our user experience by translating research insights into powerful stories that influence our final product. 

While we always appreciate great visual design skills, your core task will be to rethink the UX of every part of our product, test heavily for usability, and re-design our UX, wherever necessary. The same applies to all new features which we build as a team at tl;dv.

With your help, our goal is nothing less but generating the maximum amount of user love! ❤️

You'll be working closely with our CEO Raphael, our Head of Design/UX Thalita, and our Customer Success hero Raquel to:

  • Craft and conduct research projects that help our team uncover actionable findings and help with translating those into UX improvements for maximum usability
  • Decide which methods and tools are most suitable to tackle specific research questions
  • Identify opportunities to optimize our users’ end-to-end experiences with tl;dv
  • Communicate research outcomes and assure they get integrated into new product designs
  • Create new UX flows & UI designs, turn them into functioning prototypes, and iteratively test those until outcomes are achieved. The strong focus will be on usability tests
  • Autonomously build and iterate on design prototypes
  • Actively contribute to rethinking UX processes, documentation, and repositories
  • Knowledge in Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects is a plus

To learn more about tl;dv and our culture, please visit our jobs page 👉 Come work at tl;dv! 

We're looking for highly motivated team players to join our hungry squad - if you show in your application that you've read our jobs page this will highly increase our likelihood to respond fast 🙌

Job posted 2021-04-29