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Remote Customer Happiness Agent & Operations Coordinator 🚀 job at Vidalytics

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Make a difference AND a living at Vidalytics… 🔥

Every day, entrepreneurs use videos hosted on to grow their businesses, generating $40 million per month in revenue. 🤑 Our users are entrepreneurs & marketers who took a chance on their dreams to pursue their passions. 

So, if helping these people while working in a fast paced tech startup where you learn more in the next year than you typically would in 5+ years at most other companies sounds exciting, then this is the job for you. 

We’re growing 100% per year for multiple years running. But it isn’t just about learning a lot, you’ll also build an awesome resume, work with a small team of great people and hopefully grow with us into a leadership role. 

What will it be like working at Vidalytics?  💻

The exciting part of working in a startup like Vidalytics is that you’ll get to wear a lot of hats. You’ll get first hand experience in a variety of positions and functions.

All our team members, even those who are no longer with us, say our culture is something very special. You’ll be part of a team here, where you’ll get to know the other people working with us from all over the world. And you’ll see directly how your work is impacting our mission of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses with video. 

Whether you’re working at home, in a coffee shop, or heck, even your car, we’re here to create an environment that lets you live your best life. On your terms. 

Who will you be working with?  😎

Our hiring philosophy is simple: hire good people who are great at their craft. Give them fun problems to solve. Trust them to be their best. It’s a level of autonomy and respect that’s helped us bootstrap to 7 figures in revenue profitably in the very crowded video marketing space. We’re a small team of about 10 team members (growing quickly, though) who are located all around the globe. 

How about your career? 🚀

Now that you know a little about us, we’d love to hear more about you. If you’re passionate about learning new things, and the position below sounds like you, you should definitely apply. I’d love to hear from you. 

It might be time to change jobs. Maybe even an industry or two.

Who You Are (Personality Type) 🦁

  • Organized — on your watch, things don’t fall through the cracks. You keep track of things easily.
  • Detailed oriented — you notice little things, keep track and make sure they don’t become big problems. 
  • Empathetic & helpful — you “give a sh*t” no matter how small or tedious, you want to help people and get their issues solved. 🙏
  • Ownership & accountability — you take ownership of issues and see them through to the end. Even if they “don’t belong to you.” 
  • Curious / love to learn — you may even be a master of “useless but interesting facts” — you’ll learn a LOT about Vidalytics and video marketing and scaling a tech startup. 🤓
  • Accountable and reliable — you do what you say you’re going to do. 
  • Growth Mindset — you believe you can learn pretty much anything if you have the right training and a little time. 💪🏻
  • “Figure it out” skill - you teach yourself how to do things without instructions or training, and you aren’t intimidated by doing new things (but don’t worry you’ll have plenty of training and support). 
  • Confidence — you believe in yourself and your abilities and know you can deliver. 
  • Multitasker — you can think quickly while working under pressure and multitasking… in fact, you may get a little bored when things are slow. 
  • Tech Savvy — you love to play with new tools, can learn them quickly and the idea that “computers could be scary” sounds more like a joke to you than anything else. 🖥

What You’ll Be Doing (Job Tasks)  😃

Your role with Vidalytics will be cross functional. You’ll get to do multiple things. It is a great way to learn a lot, get great experience and move up quickly. :) 

Below are the 3 main areas where you’ll be working…  

Part I —Customer Happiness. This is about 30% of the job. In time it will grow. And you’ll either become the Customer Happiness Manager and play more of a Tier 2 role, or do this exclusively. It is up to you and what you like and are good at. 

Here is what Customer Happiness Looks like… 
  • Answering support tickets. A user has an issue; you have a solution. 
  • Writing help articles and documents for users to access. 
  • Troubleshooting users’ websites where they have videos embedded. 
  • Escalating very technical issues to our tech team or Ops Manager. 
  • Managing subscriptions — upgrading, downgrading and applying credits to accounts (this is where some math will come into play) 
  • Handingoff sales leads, pulling account info and plugging it into a spreadsheet. 

Part II — Recruiting. This is where you help us recruit top talent (just like your fancy self!). The day to day will look like this… 
  • Post jobs on various job boards 
  • Connect & invite candidates to apply either on Upwork or Linkedin 
  • Screening candidates based some specific criteria 
  • Contacting the candidates to get more info and to schedule interviews 
  • Initial phone screen interviews to gather more information

Part III —  Operations Coordination, mostly in the area of marketing. This is where you will help GSD (get sh*t done!). 
  • Turn meetings notes & recordings into a project of tasks with all relevant details, assets and assignments in our project management tool, ClickUp 
  • Set up marketing automations in tools like Intercom or Active Campaign 
  • Support teammates (like videos editors, designers and web developers) getting them the materials they need 
  • Manage affiliates — approve them, answer questions about our affiliate program and try to maximize their results. 
  • Collecting churn info for our finance & product teams to analyze. 

We’d Love to Hear From You If (Job Requirements) 👊🏻

  • You talk good. Did you notice that terrible sentence? Your excellent written and verbal communication skills are exactly what we need.
  • Tech savvy — you’re comfortable using web tools, troubleshooting technical issues and you learn new tech fast (you’ll be well trained and have a team of technical people behind you)
  • You’re comfortable with light math — for plan upgrades, downgrades, etc. 😬
  • A collaborative and caring attitude. You have a caring attitude that extends to users. Their success is your success. 
  • Curious - you like to learn, you tinker and you're motivated by acquiring knowledge (maybe some of it is more useful than the rest). 
  • Work USA time zone — the majority of our users are in the US, and we need coverage there. 🇺🇸
  • Some experience with tech support and/or customer support for SaaS / software. 

What You’ll Love About Us (Benefits and Perks) 😉

  • Work stays at work. We promote a healthy work/life balance to help ensure you have the time that you need. We encourage no more than a 40 hour work week.
  • Great company culture. You’re going to be part of a team, not a cog in a machine. 
  • We’re here to enable you. It’s your work and your career. Our management team is here to help you become who you want to be, not to micromanage you.
  • We value your ideas. At Vidalytics, our doors are always open. Need help? Come on in. Have a vision for the future of the company? We’d love to hear it. 
  • Rest and relaxation. Employees enjoy 10 days of PTO per year. 
  • Professional development. Want to continue your education? Vidalytics pays for classes, conferences, and more.
  • You’re more than an employee, you’re a person. Every co-worker you’ll meet is committed to treating you with respect and kindness. You won’t hear stuff like, “It’s just business.”

The highest of high fives, 

Patrick Stiles 👨🏻‍🦲
Founder & CEO @ Vidalytics 

Job posted 2021-06-16