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Remote Engineering Manager job at Rail Europe

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We are looking for an Engineering Manager to help lead and support a development team of around 9 developers, working remotely from 7 countries mainly in Europe. 
You are responsible of your team efficiency (QoS, delivery, RUN) and, as a manager, you will follow up your team members’ evolution. You also participate in some of the software developments tasks.
The team is responsible of the development of an online booking service for train travel throughout Europe: Rail Europe. The mission of the team is to make booking trains anywhere in Europe as easy and affordable as possible, from epic international adventures to everyday local commutes.
 The team is working on the B2C website www.raileurope.com and the underlying back-end system to connect to all the major Train Carriers’ systems in Europe. Our main technologies are : Ruby, Rails, CoffeeScript, HAML, Javascript, CSS, Redux, React, Typescript, PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS.
The team is a close-knit, and passionate team and care deeply about building an inclusive, open and supportive work environment.

Missions related to the Engineering Manager profile: 
§  Help to lead and support the development team through regular group and 1:1 meetings 

§  Support the team, ensuring we communicate and achieve flow, whilst helping us iterate our processes 

§  Partner with PO and other engineering manager to align with objectives, priorities, tradeoffs and risk

§  Organize and attend planning and retrospective meetings 

§  Ensure quality standards are upheld

§  Motivate developers and provide guidance on technical and non-technical challenges 

§  Ensure the team is fully aware of established roadmap delivery dates and work to meet them 

§  Contributing to development tasks such as coding, code reviews and feature verifications to assist teams with release commitments, to gain an understanding of the deeply technical product

§  Appreciate the asynchronous communication that accompanies a remote, flexible working team 

§  Help recruit and onboard new team members, from screening to interview stage, working closely with our HR team 

§  Report to Rail Europe’s CTO


The team : 
§  We have high coding standards, follow best practices such as code review, continuous testing and delivery. 

§  We strive to learn and improve together in a supportive environment as the wider tech ecosystem evolves. 

§  Our days are not full of meetings and distractions. Allowing others to achieve flow is a big part of supporting each other. 

§  Our team enjoys a healthy work-life balance and don’t think caffeine-fuelled all-nighters are a good way work. 
§  Once a month, our hack-day allows us to learn, grow and try some news tools/skills/practices.
§  We deliver into production small User Stories several times a day
§  We are fully responsible of our website and each week, 1 member of the team is on call over nights and week-end. 
We believe that diversity of background and experience contributes to a broader collective perspective that will consistently lead to a better company and better products. We are working hard to increase the diversity of our team wherever we can and we actively encourage everyone to consider becoming a part of it. 
About you : 
These are some of the characteristics we’re looking for. Don’t worry if you don’t meet all of them - we still encourage you to apply. This is what our ideal candidate might look like. 
§  Diploma: Master's Degree (equivalent to Bac +4/5 in France)

§  4+ years experience managing a team of 4+ people, ideally with remote teams

§  5+ years experience of hands-on software development

§  Fluent in English (and in French would a bonus) and confident communicating and sharing complex information and learnings with both technical and non-technical team members 

§  Understand and acknowledge the importance of honest communication and strong documentation 

§  Demonstrate technical leadership of both people development and projects execution
§  Proficiency with Ruby on Rails (Coffeescript, HAML, CSS), and an ability to work on both frontend and backend
§  Working experience of software engineering best practices including coding standards, code reviews, CI/CD, build processes, testing, and operations
§  Experience with iOS and Android deployments process
§  Experience recruiting software engineer

§  Empathetic and capable of building strong relationships 

Good understanding of Agile working and facilitation 

Job posted 2021-04-15