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Head of Product - Attribution

Attribution ( is the premier multi-touch attribution and affiliate management platform.  We're growing like crazy which means we need to build out the rest of our amazing management team.

In this role, you will be responsible for managing the product development lifecycle and timeline, collaborate with the team to define new features and write user stories (we use Pivotal Tracker), set benchmarks for success,  measure, test and optimize feature releases, and own the growth and management of the (mostly self-sufficient) engineering team.

This is a challenging role that requires knowledge of the major advertising networks and how they measure traffic (media buying experience a plus),  data tracking technologies (aka CDPs) like Segment, payment platforms like Stripe and Recurly, and systems that manage user interactions like Marketo, Salesforce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Hubspot etc.  Yes, we know that is a lot.

If you have less than the above but are wicked smart and nice that might work too (just think how much you'll learn!).  Marketing operations experience is also probably a plus.

It is a requirement that you have a deep understanding of how saas software is developed, and bonus points if you have coded professionally (e.g. someone paid you for it, not a side project).

It is unlikely you could do this job without 5+ years of experience, but if you're exceptional in this regard please don't hesitate to apply.  Time is frequently not a good proxy for capability.

We are a fully remote team so we don't care where you are so long as you you have fast internet and are in a timezone consistent with the continental USA (and we all speak English at work so that is also important).

Sounds awesome right?

If it sounds like the job for you send us your resume with a note why you're a fit (relevant experience is helpful) and include somewhere in your message the sum of 19 and 23 (which is a tricky JD hack for us to know if you actually read the post and are detail-oriented).

Let's do this!

Job posted 2021-04-21