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Build a CIAM service to integrate with existing and future applications.

We are currently consolidating many separate web based services into one platform accessed via an identity server (e.g.: Okta). We are looking for an experienced web engineer with experience in authentication to help build the solution and later connect existing systems such as Tableau to the new authentication layer.

The ideal candidate must have  experience in authentication but does not need to be an expert. They will be working with a senior identity management engineer and a senior web developer based in the UK so it will be a great opportunity to learn in depth about identity management, authentication and security.
Ideal skills and experience

  • 5+ yrs web programming experience
  • 1 year experience working with TypeScript, minimum, on a non-trivial project with a Node back end
  • Good familiarity with code composition design patterns
  • Integrated applications with existing IAM solutions using industry standard protocols like SAML
  • Good level of English - B2
The initial position will be for 3-6 months and can be extended to permanent at the end of the project.
It is a full time position however we are open to part time work
Timezone GMT - we require a minimum 4 hour overlap during the working day.