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Skills and Experience
  • Proficiency in various front-end technologies (including HTML/CSS/JavaScript, etc.), familiarity with ES6 syntax and ability to work across terminals (Mobile+PC)

  • Familiarity with network protocols (HTTP(S)/SSL/Socket) and common security issues and solutions

  • Experience with building microservices / RESTful Services

  • Familiarity with JavaScript/Typescripts and proficiency in using at least one of React/Angular/Vue frameworks

  • Familiarity with Django/Django Rest Framework

  • Ability to identify universality of different frameworks or product modules, with excellent frontend or backend architecture design capabilities and practical experience

  • Working experience on at JavaScript & Python

  • Strong knowledge of Linux, MySQL with working understanding of MongoDB, PostgreSQL

  • Experience with using Git

  • A passion for cutting-edge technologies and provide workable solutions to improve efficiency of the team

Job posted 2021-03-09