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Digital Event Coordinator

TrendSpider is an online platform designed for professional traders and investors. It web and cloud-based technologies to help them improve their market analysis and trading performance by reducing the amount of grunt work that they have to do through automation, saving time, making them more efficient and improving their trading performance. 

Some things to consider

  1. Do you have experience with Youtube? Strong organization and people skills with experience managing Google calendars and bookings? We’d like to hear from you!
  2. Applicants are preferred to have a genuine interest in the markets, understand the basics of technical trading, and a personal interest to learn more. If the above applies to you please mention your experience in the markets in your cover letter.

Role Description

Digital Event Coordinator owns a portfolio of TrendSpider programs related to company sponsored and orchestrated events, including responsibility for planning, execution, release and promotion of branded and unbranded digital events, including but not limited to scheduled live streams, pre-recorded shows, webinars, as well as assisting with in person sponsorships and in person company events. 


  • Digital Events

    • Plan and manage all aspects of each event’s production, including booking guests and confirming their appearances, coordinating recording and editing, managing final premiers or live streams.

    • Manage and grow a roster of possible guests in an organized way

    • Manage creative and design aspects for all events while adhering to branding guidelines

    • Aide with social media, email, blog and website promotional activities as needed before, during and after each event

    • Build and maintain Stock Trading Pit email audience

    • Brand partnerships / giveaways

  • In-Person Events

    • While much less frequent than digital events, this role also encompasses managing all of the above for in-person events as well. 

Job posted 2021-06-15