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Join us as a founding team member as we build a dominant healthcare analytics business.

You’re a product expert capable of leading a product team at an early stage business with massive potential. Your work will directly impact decisions made at the largest health systems across the country, and ultimately help decrease the cost of healthcare.

We are FLT Medical. We create software that's used in hospitals around the country, and we're launching a new product in the healthcare analytics space.

We want you to lead the product team as we transition from MVP to dominant player in the healthcare analytics industry.


You will work directly with the founders, key stakeholders, and engineers to guide the direction and implementation of our product.

Your challenges will include:
  1. Interviewing healthcare experts to discover complex business needs, translating those needs into an intuitive user experience, and fully managing the development process with the engineering team.

  2. Work with the founders to develop a product roadmap and vision. You should have an intuitive grasp of both the technical and business implications of features.

  3. Implement an iterative / agile development process with the technical team and establish a workflow for shipping new features daily. You will be managing the technical team and ensuring they are moving forward efficiently.

  4. Build a complete understanding of the technical implementation of the application and develop an architectural plan for scaling to hundreds of hospitals. You should have technical expertise in web application development, data analytics, and architecture.

  5. Regularly report product progress to the founders. We are looking for someone that craves autonomy and has the track record to make us feel comfortable being mostly hands-off on the product on a day-to-day basis.


We have been working with one of the nation’s largest health systems to develop a solution to one of their most important problems.

We've validated their need, verified that the same need exists in most hospitals around the country, and are currently building the MVP.

We see a clear path to rapid expansion and profitability. We are a small team, and the technical cofounder has been leading the product team since the beginning, but is now needed in other areas of the business. That’s where you come in.

You will carry the product torch to help us go beyond the MVP stage. We are “hiring from the top”,  which means in the near future you will greatly influence the direction of the product team, including new hires. 

We have teed up an incredible opportunity - this is your chance to come in at the beginning and swing for the fences with us.

You have extensive experience developing products from scratch, managing product teams, architecting technical solutions, and working directly with key stakeholders to develop solutions to complex business problems.

You’re excellent at:
  • Creating intuitive products for complex business needs 
  • Building and managing product teams (design, engineering, etc.)
  • Communicating clearly and amiably with users, customers, and other stakeholders
  • Web application and data architecture 
  • Experience with data analytics architecture is a big plus.
And you meet the following basic requirements:
  • You are comfortable working remotely. 
  • Native English speaker with excellent communication skills
  • Have a solid internet connection for video calls

  • Join a small remote-first team as an early employee where your contributions are immediately impactful.
  • Your work will help the country’s largest health systems save millions of dollars and decrease the cost of healthcare.
  • You can be located anywhere in the US - we care more about your ability to do great work than where you live.
  • Help us build an incredible team and culture from the very beginning. Let's do meaningful work that we love with people we enjoy spending time with.
  • Thanks to our previous work and connections in the healthcare industry, we believe we will be able to quickly grow this product to hundreds of hospitals within the first two years. 
  • Profit sharing and quality pay


We’re a team of Y-Combinator, TechStars, and Columbia alumni dedicated to making health systems more efficient via technology.

Our software is currently used by some of the leading health systems in the country.

Over the last three years we bootstrapped our way to profitability and recently raised a seed round to accelerate our efforts at modernizing key healthcare processes. 

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