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Remote Senior Web Engineering Consultant job at simplabs

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Who We are

simplabs is a Digital Product Development Consultancy and Europe's leading Ember.js team. We realize projects with clients across the globe and teach them how along the way. Our team of experts delivers everything from ideation to design and engineering. We are an active member of the open source community (we reserve 20% of our time for non-client work), are involved with several high-profile projects, organize meetups and co-organize EmberFest, Europe's main Ember.js conference.

What We do

We develop digital products using modern technologies for our clients and help clients develop products themselves via mentoring and training. Our clients range from small local and international startups to enterprises.

We focus on Web Engineering with Ember.js, Elixir/Phoenix and Ruby on Rails and are consistently involved in these open-source communities. We also ensure that our workshops and other events organized by us are accessible to a wide part of the tech community by ensuring these events are free or by providing diversity sponsorships for people who are yet underrepresented in tech.

We support team members to attend and participate in conferences and other IT events and we mentor and encourage interested engineers to present at events themselves. We believe that development of technical and interpersonal skills is important to our team members, and we're therefore committed in providing growth opportunities which include paid time to work on open source projects, attend trainings and participate in mentorships and more.

We strongly believe that diversity of experience contributes to a wider outlook of our team that not only improves our working atmosphere but also increases our productivity as a company. We are committed to increase the diversity of our team wherever we can and we encourage everyone to consider becoming a part of it.

Who We are looking for

We are looking for a Senior Web Engineering Consultant to join our team. We expect experience with frontend and backend frameworks like Ember.js, React, Elixir/Phoenix and Ruby on Rails as well as the web platform in general. We appreciate writing maintainable, tested code as well as sound and sustainable practices around engineering and collaboration (see our Playbook for more). We are looking forward to your application if you share this appreciation with us.


  • you will help clients with their projects as well as support our open source projects
  • you're sensitive to clients' needs and you're creating trusting work relationships by reviewing code or discussing implementation options in a collaborative fashion
  • you will mentor client teams via workshops, pair programming, presentations, reviews etc. – know-how transfer is an important aspect of the work we do
  • you share your learnings made on client and open-source projects with the community through blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • we're committed to our participation in the open source community and give talks, attend conferences, host meetups etc. If you enjoy doing that as well that's great and we'll make sure to support you in any related engagements



  • working experience with frontend as well as backend technologies (ideally with one or more of Ember.js, React, Elixir/Phoenix, Ruby on Rails), either in commercial projects or open source
  • collaborating well in a team environment
  • showing attention to detail


  • previous experience working on open-source projects is a plus
  • experience with other frameworks are a plus
  • experience with consulting work arrangements as well as mentoring/training experience are a plus
  • any experience in product management, including sprint planning in collaboration with a product team / product owners is a plus

How we work

We're a team of open-minded developers who value collaboration, empathetic working relationships and well-crafted code. Beyond a supportive team culture and a relaxed work atmosphere, we enable you to take part in modern projects for clients ranging from small startups to big enterprises, national as well as international. We work closely with our clients and encourage direct communication without intermediaries. You'll have responsibility early on and have the opportunity to both guide the development of these client projects as well as grow your own technical and interpersonal skill set.

We also offer the opportunity to travel internationally (not for now but fingers crossed that's going to be possible again soon) - either to visit clients on-site for a limited time or to attend tech conferences (if you enjoy speaking or you're interested to do so that's awesome! We'll support you in finding mentoring support either through one of our experienced team members or any other external support that you find useful).

Apart from working on client projects we also maintain a bunch of open source libraries and tools on which you're invited to work on as well. We reserve 1 day of the week for such work or work on writing blog posts, recording videos or preparing conference talks.

What we offer

  • self-guided work on interesting projects for international clients
  • competitive salary
  • 30 days of paid vacation
  • a flextime schedule to accommodate the needs of caretakers
  • time to work on open source projects (1 day per week reserved for non-client work)
  • personal support to deepen your knowledge in topics that you feel are close to you
  • chance and support to attend and speak at international conferences
  • a flat organization with little process standing in your way
  • regular company events to meet your team members an international, communicative and supportive team flexible work environment
  • we are a full remote company and all team members get to choose whether they work from home or a co-working space close to them
  • notebook, screen, phone, etc. obviously as well as a coworking budget or budget for setting up a home-office

Job posted 2021-03-20